OmniFocus Integrated with Siri through iCloud

A new version of OmniFocus was released last week. The new version is designed for devices running iOS 5 although in particular it is for the iPhone 4S. The team who create OmniFocus has found a way for the app to pull Reminders from iCloud and import them in to OmniFocus.

The system works by you adding a reminder through Siri. When the reminder is created you open up OmniFocus on your iPhone 4S. At this point it connects up to iCloud (you add your credentials in the settings menu) and it imports all reminders. If locations match up to contexts then the items are added with a context. Likewise, if there is a time with the task then a due date is also set and you’ll be reminded.

Although OmniFocus now has one of the sleekest interfaces with Siri, it still is unable to utilise an API for direct access. But, as this is an Apple restriction, we’re happy with it to work this way for now as it does appear to work extremely well.

For those of you wanting to test it’s worth having a quick look at the comments on the OmniGroup blog as some cover concerns and questions about how the two work together.

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