Olympus SP 550UZ with 18x Optical Zoom

Olympus SP 550UZ
The type of zoom your digital camera can make a huge difference to the type and quality of photos that you take. A lot of digital cameras tend to have 3x – 6x optical zoom and then XX times digital zoom. Having a higher optical zoom capability allows for some seriously cool close up shots of objects even further away. However, when you get in to digital zoom ranges then the image is then being built by the CPU rather then what actually hits the CCD in the back of the camera. Olympus has now created the 18x Optical zoom which it classes as the ultra-zoom range. Combined with digital zoom is allows for up to 100x the zoom rate. It is named the SP-550UZ and can take pictures at high speed at ISO5000. With this cameras lens you can take wide-angle shots with a focal distance of 28mm*1 up to telephoto at 504mm. As well as those ranges, macro photography as close as 1cm can be done. Overall the Olympus SP 550UZ looks like a camera worth looking out for.

With having such powerful zoom features this often brings a shaky effect in to cameras when held due to the slightest movement making the camera jump. This camera has dual shake proof technology which works with a CCD-shift image stabilisation system and a sensitivity of ISO1600 which dramatically reduces the problem. Although it’s best to use a tripod for the ideal shot, the dual shake proof technology can allow the pictures to be clear when a tripod is not an option.

Other features of the camera are high speed continuous shooting which allows for 15 framers per second so that the best shot can be taken. A unique (unique to me) feature is also a pre capture mode with which the camera can store images immediately before the photo is finished being taken.

Via: Photo.Blorge

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