Olympus Introduce a Collapsible Wide-Angle Zoom lens in Micro Four Thirds

Olympus have unveiled a new collapsible Wide-angle zoom lens in the micro four thirds format. The new lens is called the M Zuiko Digital and has a range of 9 to 18mm (18-36mm equiv) with F4-5.6.

The lens is pictured above in the middle. When launched by Olympus it will cost around the $700 mark. Shipping is expected to start in May for the lens. The lens when opened up about doubles in length. Reviews of the lens indicate the out of focus highlights are ugly, but that the lens is very sharp. Autofocus is fast and overall the lens is small in keeping with what Micro Four Thirds is all about.

The review of the lens can be found over at DPReview.

Via: Wired

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