OLPC XO-3 Concept Tablet

A designed cammed Yves Behar has designed a next generation OLPC called the XO-3 that shows an ultra thin tablet surface computer that has an 8.5 by 11 inch touchscreen. According to the designer and OLPC it seems that they want to introduce the OLPC tablet by 2012.

Also according to the designer the tablet will have an 800MHz processor and use induction based charging to keep it running. Before the XO-3 concept is launched though Nicholas Negroponte mentioned to Engadget that two other versions will be launched first.

The other versions launched first will be the XO-1.5 that will appear next month and cost $200. The XO-1.5 version will run an AMD processor rather than the VIA thats in the current version. Following the 1.5 the XO-1.75 will be released which will arrive sometime in 2011. This version will have an 8.9 inch touchscreen and will run an ARM processor. Pricing for that one will be in the $175 range. After that it skips the 2.0 model and goes direct to XO-3 pictured above and below.

Does anyone think their pricing expectations could be a little off? I can’t see them cramming all that in to a $75 device. Time will tell.

Via: Engadget

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