Olive 4HD Hi-Fi Music Server Launched

opus04_black_front_topOlive Media Inc have announced the launch of a HD Hi-Fi Music server that is designed and built for use with home stereo systems.

The system is capable of matching a standard of 24-bit sound with a 192KHz sample rate that provides music at 250 times the resolution of a standard CD. By using a HD standard it allows music to be played back as it was recorded. For some people this might not mean much, but for those who love audio and have expensive setup’s it’s a nice addition.

The Olive HD Hi-Fi music server has a 2TB storage capacity to store music on that is capable of storing 6,000 CD’s or 20,000 high resolution 24-bit tracks. A wired and wireless network connection allows it to be hooked up to your home network and music transferred to and from it.


When connecting it up to your home system the Olive 4HD plugs right in to a stereo receiver and users can use the built in screen to navigate through tracks and various menus with the built in touchscreen.

The Olive 4HD comes at a price though and will set you back $1,999 for the 2 terabyte model.

Via: CrunchGear


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