OLED Video Watch

OLED Video Watch
The Video Watch has an OLED screen which is 1.5 inches in size. The OLED screen is colour and has a resolution of 128×128 pixels. Due to how slim the OLED screen is, it allows for the watch not to be too bulky.

The watch can play video in full colour which can be created by using the software at ThinkGeek. As well as being video capable the watch can also play MP3 and WMA audio. A microphone is also built in allowing you to record on to it’s built in 2GB storage capacity. The watch battery lasts 7 hours and charges when connecting to the computer via USB.

Costing $99.99 you get a fairly slim full colour OLED video watch. Although not for me as I can hardly find time to watch a movie, and when I do it would rather be on the large screen. But for those who want a portable video player on a fairly slim watch then check it out now over at ThinkGeek.


  1. How long does the battery last just displaying the time?

  2. I would imagine a lot longer then the 7 hours of video playback although ThinkGeek do not confirm that on their site. It could be that it only displays time on demand like when hitting a button to see the time.

  3. Just lost a sale .. I thought OLED was on permantent as it didn’t need a backlite

    Maybe something like it will come in the future as colour screens come in on digital watches.

    Maybe different display options for time.

  4. Are you thinking of ePaper? ePaper does not use a backlight and when it is charged it the image stays on screen till another charge is sent it’s way. OLED means “organic light emitting diode” which still emitts light to display the image but it’s cheaper to make due to the ability to print them on a surface.

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