Older generation iPhones get Video Recording

iPhone-camcorder-appIf you own a first or second generation Apple iPhone, your phone will now be capable of recording video without any hacking. Up until now the only way to get video recording on an iPhone or an iPhone 3G was to jailbreak the phone and install software that wasn’t approved by Apple. Thanks to Apple releasing details on the API regarding video capture, official applications can now be made that are compatible with the older phones.

Ustream is one of the first applications that allows video recording officially on older iPhones. Ustream is a video streaming application that is free to download. As well as being able to stream with the software it also has the ability to work as a video recorder too allowing you to capture movies from the camera.

Now that third party apps can access the camera for video recording there should be some sleeker applications being made available over the coming months. Another option is an application called Camcorder that costs $1, but the interface is a little clunky and the frame rate isn’t the best. Expect things to improve though as more developers delve in to the API.

Via: Wired

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