Official Twitter iPhone App Launching

The official Twitter application is launching for the iPhone today. The new Twitter app is also known as Tweetie 3 and should be showing up shortly on app stores around the globe.

Last night, Tweetie 2 was removed from the app store which indicated that the new rebranded Twitter application was going to launch. As Twitter purchased Tweetie, they are now renaming this new version to just Twitter and it will be the only official twitter application in the app store.

Let us know if you have managed to download the app and if you find anything new. What’s interesting to note is that the file size of Tweetie 2 versus Twitter has dropped from 2.8Mb to 2.4MB and it isn’t clear what the reasons are. Perhaps Twitter has some more efficient API’s that it can work with that Tweetie didn’t have access to before. I doubt we will see features removed (unless they are bad) and would also be surprised if new features haven’t been added.

When we manage to download the application we’ll download it and take it for a test drive to see what’s changed.

Via: SlashGear/TechCrunch

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