Official Nexus One Car Dock Arrives

Google have launched the official Nexus One car dock that allows the Nexus One to be attached to the windscreen of a car. The unit it’s self costs $55 and is available over the the Google [GOOG] Phone store.

The dock (available here) allows you to position your Nexus One in either portrait or landscape mode in a similar way to how the TomTom docking station works for the iPhone, although this particular dock rotates on a flexible arm to position it better for the driver of the car.

Speakers are built in to the dock and allows the Nexus One to be used hands free while driving. When the Nexus One is inserted in to the dock, the menu systems automatically switch to the Car Home Application that has larger buttons and controls more relevant to a driving situation.

When connected up the Nexus One is also charged by the dock which can be connected up to a lighter socket in your car, or wired direct to the fuse box.

Overall it appears to be a decent looking dock. In the box you get the 12V charging cable, the dock and an adhesive disk that can attach to the dashboard of your car should you want to mount it on the dash rather than the windscreen.

Via: Android and Me

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