Official Google Voice app for iPhone Already Approved?

It appears that the official Google Voice app for iPhone could be launching within the next few weeks. TechCrunch managed to get information from a source close to Google [GOOG] that the app has already been approved and that it is being prepared for compatibility with iOS 4 and multitasking to allow it to run in the background.

Last year, Apple [AAPL] blocked the application, so right now it seems like a complete u-turn. It is believed that Apple making the guidelines public has allowed it in as a look through shows that the app doesn’t break any guidelines, meaning it should now be allowed in (which is has been).

Although other apps emulate some of what Google Voice can do, it is expected that with this being the official app that it will have the ability to do other things like push notifications, SMS and voicemail due to Google having access to API’s that other developers do not.

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