Official F1 Game coming to iPhone

Codemasters have released a new game for the iPhone that allows you to take the seat of an F1 car and race around official F1 tracks. The F1 iPhone game brings 17 circuits used in the 2009 season to the iPhone and as it’s official meaning you get the real team names along with it.

The game costs £3.99 to download via the App Store although for some reason there is no championship mode, so there will be no point collecting here. What you do get is time trial mode and endurance mode allowing you to try beat your best times as well as race for a long time to test consistency while racing.

The game features a system called virtual K.E.R.S which means Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems that aims to help you set the fastest lap by showing racing lines as well as braking lines, corner indications etc… all of which can be switched on or off if needed. The App is available now for download on the Apple itunes Store or in the app store via your phone.

Via: Gaj-It


  1. alex grinsk says

    there r so many free games out …why to pay….

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