ODIN Interconnect Cables

Nordost have created some interconnect cables that are bound to break the average persons bank account. Costing just short of 10,000 GBP for a 1m pair of RCA or XLR they are supposed to be the worlds finest cables.

The conductors used in the ODIN are made from 99.99999% oxygen free copper with an extruded silver surface of 85 microns. During manufacture, the surface of each conductor is highly polished and ultrasonically cleaned. A precision Dual Mono-Filiment conductor is then helically wrapped around the conductor. The Dual Mono-Filiment consists of two thin Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP) treads (or filiments) which are wound around each other to provide minimum surface contact to the conductor. In this configuration the two filiments present a minimal contact point to the conductor while maintaining superb mechanical stability and preventing conductor oxidisation. A precise FEP tube is then extruded over this assembly. The Dual Mono-Filiment design reduces te dielectric contact with the conductor by more than 85%. The cable has an affective dielectric constant of 1.10, which is incredibly low. The reduction of insulation contact by more than 85% means that the current and voltage travelling above the surface of the conductor are virtually unimpeded by the insulation and that signals are transfered more efficiently and at extremely high speeds. This extreme precision of manufacturing maintains the electrical and mechanical stability of the cables even when twisted or bent.

With a cable of this price you would expect it to have no change at all to what passes through it. What goes in one end should come out of the other unharmed or changed in any way. Although I am not sure if that is possible, it seems like these ODIN interconnect cables could provide very close to that.

Insulation: High purity class 1.003Flurinated Ethylene Propylene FEP
Construction: Precision Dual Micro Mono Filiment and TSC design
Conductors: 8 x 23 AWG TSC
Material: 85 microns of extruded silver over 99.99999% OFC
Capacitance: 19.0pF/ft
Dielectric constant: 1.1
Inductance: 0.07uH
Propagation Delay: 90% speed of light
Overall Shield coverage: 100% TSC
Terminations: WBT NEXTGEN silver-plated RCA or silver plated Furutech XLR

Via: HighEndCable

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