OCZ Z-Drive R2 SSD Announced

OCZ Technologies are launching a new Solid State Drive (SSD) called the OCZ Z-Drive R2. The Z-Drive R2 is the second SSD in the series of Z-Drives from OCZ and has been built to have greater performance and more flexibility.

“Our 4th generation PCIe SSD, the Z-Drive R2, tackles the performance challenges facing enterprise IT professionals head-on. The Z-Drive R2 is a total solution that delivers exceptional performance over a wide of range of applications due to its superior sequential performance, making it a winner in both high IOP and high-throughput environments. In addition, it is the only bootable and field serviceable PCIe SSD option on the market today, and due to an innovative interchangeable module design, it enables low cost field upgradability and capacity increases giving storage architects unprecedented flexibility.”

To achieve the higher speeds a bottle neck (ie SATA) was taken out of the equation and instead, the device uses the PCI-Express interface which allow for transfer speeds of up to 1.4GB/s.

The Z-Drive R2 is configured with eight PCI-E lanes along with an eight-way RAID 0 configuration. Having RAID built in provides more speed and flexibility should an individual SSD module fail while in use.

When launched there will be several capacities available ranging from 256GB to 2TB. Pricing and dates for availability have not been confirmed yet. I suspect it wont be too cheap though!

Via: Hot Hardware

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