OCZ Reaper HPC Edition

Reaper HPC
Computer systems these days suffer with heat problems and need all sorts of fans, vents and heat sinks to keep them running cool so that the performance is kept at best and the system stays stable. For the type who love to overclock their PC (make it faster then it was designed for) the problem of heat increases. OCZ Technology specialises in reducing heat for processors and memory and has now created the Reaper HPC Edition. This is DDR2 memory PC2-9200 running at 1150Mhz and has a thermo-conductive copper heat pipe that acts as a conduit to help move the heat away from the RAM.

Having heat pipe technology, it quickly rids the heat and allows the memory to run at lower temperatures, thus allowing overclocking. With OCZ specializing in overclocking they allow this type of activity without voiding the warranty.

Via: OCZ


  1. That’s insane. There’s still, obviously, extra heat buildup in the system, though I suppose this is less of a fire hazard from localized and overclocked RAM. Always a good thing.

  2. Correct about the heat build up still in the system. This is where the huge exhaust and fans pulling cool air in and sucking hot air out are then needed. I personally just use all the standard components as I havent overclocked a PC for a long time… The last time I did was when processors didnt even need a heat sink 🙂

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