OCZ Colossus 3.5″ SSD Line Launched

Colossus-3-5-Solid-State-DriveOCZ have launched a new high capacity SSD drive named Colossus. The new line of storage devices are capable of storing up to 1TB of data. Each drive comes in a 3.5″ form factor and each of the drives in the series have read and write speeds of up to 260MBps.

‘The new Colossus Series is designed to boost desktop and workstation performance and is for high power users that put a premium on speed, reliability and maximum storage capacity, said Eugene Chang, VP of Product Management at the OCZ Technology Group. ‘The Colossus core-architecture is also available to enterprise clients with locked BOMs (build of materials) and customized firmware to match their unique applications.

Each of the Colossus SSD drives also utilise internal RAID 0 to help achieve faster read and write speeds. OCZ describe the drives as being excellent at handling small files such as emails, web browsing and file transfer.

Capacities for the Colossus SSD drives start at 128GB moving on to 256GB, 512GB and finally 1TB. OCZ chose the 3.5″ form factor as the drives can be used in existing rack based systems where the drives simply slot right in to where other drives were stored.

There are several models available over at Amazon with prices ranging from not so bad to silly money in the thousands.

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