O2 microSIM iPhone 4 Details Announced – No UK Price Announcement Yet

O2 has updated the iPhone 4 mini site with details of the microSIM that the iPhone 4 uses. Unfortunately it’s just basic information about what a microSIM is, how it differs from a regular SIM as well as how you can get hold of one.

Unfortunately there is no information available yet for the iPhone 4 UK price although we are expecting all networks either today or Monday to finally announce prices ready for the June 15 pre-orders to open up.

What O2 do mention on the microSIM page that is interesting is a small converter that can switch your microSIM back in to a regular SIM. The small device is free and is simply a thin case the size of a regular SIM with a cut out for the microSIM to sit in.

If you are interested in learning what a microSIM is then check out the O2 page with the details. For now, we are still left waiting here in the UK for the iPhone 4 pricing details to be announced.

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