O2 iPhone 4S UK Price Revealed

O2 in the UK is the next network to reveal prices for the iPhone 4S. O2 is offering the iPhone 4S on contracts of 12, 18 and 24 months with prices varying from £15.50 to £62 per month. For those wanting it on a 12 month contract, you’ll need to be existing O2 customers.

Each of the plans includes unlimited texts (other than the cheapest monthly contract on each contract length – 500 texts for those plans) and a selection of 100, 200, 300, 600, 900, 1200 or Unlimited minutes. For those wanting data (which we assume is every one of you reading this) then you’ll need to purchase an additional bolt-on which is £3/month for 100MB which can be used for tethering. For £6/month you get 500MB as well as 20 MMS messages and tethering and for £10/month you get 1GB of data, 50 MMS and tethering. The higher two price plans also include WiFi access.

The iPhone 4S price of course varies in price based on capacity and contract length and commitment cost, so expect a longer high end contract to get the device free while the shortest contract and lowest price will pay the most. Full details below:

Business plans are also available on the O2 network. Although pricing for PAYG is not available just yet. Expect to pay a little less for a locked version of the iPhone 4S than you would an unlocked version from Apple. Source

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