O2 Dataplans for iPad Changed

When the iPad launched in the UK, O2 offered 3GB of data for £15 per month or 500MB of data for £2/day.

For those using these plans the limits have changed. This isn’t good news though as O2 has lowered the data allowance for the £15/month plan to offer 2GB rather than 3GB. For the £2/day plan, the allowance has dropped to 200MB.

It isn’t clear when these plans changed (other than some time in June), although Apple site still shows prices for the original plans that were available for the iPad.

Although O2 can change prices if they follow the contracts they had, the main problem here is that they didn’t bother notifying customers. A statement from O2 says the following…

“When we announced new data pricing in June we aligned all tariffs to make them clear and transparent for all our customers. Since then, previous allowances have been shown as a promotion on our website. The vast majority of iPad customers are using under 2 GB per month and will not be affected by this change. Those who are can purchase more data if they wish.”

Has your bill increased with the changes? or do you stick within your limits? For myself I am on O2 (switching to Three soon) on the 1GB/month plan which wasn’t one of the changed plans. For me though, I don’t come close to my limit each month.

Via: Geeky Gadgets

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