NVTouch Touch Table Surface Computer costs $70K

The NVTouch Touch Table is a multi user and mult-touch surface computer that allows you to integrated with a desk based system. By converting digital information in to images you are able to drag the contents of the computer around the surface. Example could be dragging and dropping photos in to various folders.

Other things that can be used on the surface computer are digital maps that can be grabbed, rotated, zoomed etc… by using gestures on the surface.

This particular version uses a computer with a powerful graphics card, a HD projector mounted under the table projecting an image upwards and puts it altogether in a cabinet that is smooth on top.

To buy the kit it will cost you $70,000 and once purchased you get a few sample applications. The idea behind the system is that you install it in a shop for example and create your own custom applications to use on the surface that lets customers interact with your “on-line” store etc…

Full details of the system can be found here.

Via: Engadget

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