Now you can cheat at Powerball

The Powerball is a gyroscopic exercise tool which is used to build hand and finger strength. It works by moving your wrist in a circular motion. Getting the powerball started it an art form in it’s self and then comes the harder part of keeping the motion going and speeding the thing up. If you are in the former category and struggle to even get the powerball moving right then this powerball docking station will sort you out. It’s a device which allows you to cheat as it rotates the powerball for you so you can just pick it up and get exercising. The scary part is how fast this thing can spin the ball. It actually allows for speeds up to 18000 RPM which is quite frankly a mental speed.

If you are not sure what 18K RPM feels like then this video shows a record attempt of someone hitting 16081 RPM. Check out the forces it puts on this guy holding it at that speed.

The Powerball Docking station costs $59.95 and includes a powerball with it.

Via: OhGizmo

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