Novatech nTablet to get Android and Windows 7

Novatech is launching a new tablet called the nTablet. One of the main differences with this tablet is that it runs both tghe Google Android operating system as well as Windows 7.

When starting up the tablet, you are given the option to boot in to Android or Windows. The reason for wanting to do this could include using Android for a quick check of emails or a quick browsing session and then switching to Windows for more demanding tasks.

Price wise, it will cost $552 when it launches although this is without Windows 7. If you opt for Windows then the price jumps up to $693.

As for technical specs, the nTablet will come with an Intel Atom processor running at 1.66GHz. It will have 1GB of DDR3 memory as well as 32GB of SSD storage. A 1.3 megapixel camera is found on the nTablet. The screen has a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels.

The downside of it running Windows 7 is that PC Pro reports that it is a little sluggish in this mode.

Via: Liliputing and Geeky Gadgets

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