Notion Ink Adam UI Details Arrive

The Notion Ink Adam is almost here. In a new blog post, the company behind the tablet show a few more details about the user interface and what can be expected from the UI.

The UI will be using various 3D effects and will be based around the OpenGL engine. It will use heavy acceleration to make it smooth.

“The UI is totally unique and calls for a very small but crucial change in the Application Architecture to use the UI to the fullest of the extent. [The] UI is largely inspired from real world metaphors like magazines, wire-frames, newsletters. Even the color you will find will remind you of paper” Rohan Shravan, Notion Ink

A new way to multitask is also said to be included. Our overall impressions on what we have seen previously in reports from Slashgear show us that this could be one worth competitor in the tablet market. The downside of all this is that we are still waiting for it to arrive. Hopefully this wont be too far away now.

Via: HardwareSphere

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