Notion Ink Adam Tablet to Have 15 to 20 Hour Battery

The Notion Ink Adam Android tablet has yet to arrive, but the founder of the company says that when it does launch, the battery will be capable of powering the tablet for 15 – 20 hours on a single charge.

These particular numbers represent regular usage from what we understand. 15 – 20 hours is quite an impressive amount.

The most power hogging elements on Adam are (in decreasing order) LCD, Wi-Fi, 3G, Speakers (in full power mode) and then CPU (Tegra). I am getting from more than 2 full days to minimum of 15 hours! I am thinking of posting an interactive chart where you all can fill in details of how you will use it and then get the usage value out! Tegra consumes nothing for Open GL so it’s definitely a paradise for Gamers. I have seldom seen it crossing its 60-70mW line and touching 200mW for heavy usage. Adam has 24Whr, and you are bound to be extremely happy with its battery performance. On a comparison, iPad (couldn’t find other device to write here) has 25Whr, and gives you around 11-12 hour. On similar calculations Adam has 24Whr battery and consumers around 1.2Whr (on similar tests as mentioned on their website) and ended up giving 24/1.2=20 hours. (That’s why I want to develop that interactive chart which you can use and see yourself).

The most important thing to remember here is that we actually want the tablet sooner rather than later as its approaching its year mark since it was first announced and we have yet to see it being released.

Via: I4U and Notion Ink Blog

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