Nook for iPhone, iPad and PC Updated

The Nook software for the iPad, iPhone and PC has been updated and enhanced. New features include a book rating feature on the iPad and Retina display optimised version for the iPhone 4.

The iPhone and iPod touch Nook app is new to the Apple [AAPL] devices and prior to this release, it was only available on the iPad. The iPhone version is a simple version that allows users to get on with reading without distraction. Colours can be optimised for day or night reading. A one-tap preview is also available allowing users to quickly see a theme before changing it.

The new NOOK for iPhone also offers more choice than ever before in an iPhone eReading app: line spacing, font style and sizes, and justification can be adjusted according to user preference. Customers can also opt to use the publisher’s original setting to view the eBook exactly as the publisher and author intended. NOOK for iPhone offers portrait or landscape viewing; one-touch access to highlight, make notes or bookmark a page; and the ability to easily delete samples from within the application. Learn more or get the new application at and

All versions have the ability to share books with friends. The software comes with a LendMe icon that can be clicked on so that the book can be sent for up to 14 days to another owner.

You can grab Nook for each device now over at the App store or Market Place depending on which device you want to install it on. More details can be found at Barnes & Noble.

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