Nook to Get Full Color Screen and Android?

Barnes & Noble will be making an announcement this coming Tuesday. What they are announcing isn’t known just yet, but rumors are now pointing towards a full colour Nook eBook reader that runs the Google Android operating system.

The new Color Nook will also have a touchscreen allowing users to interact more easily with the device. It isn’t clear if these are just hopes, or if B&N will actually announce this.

Something to strengthen the rumor comes from the WHOIS records for a new domain registered on the 8th March this year for a domain called Although no website currently runs at that address, it does have nameservers pointing at the NS records indicating that the company has some involvement with the domain name.

Some specs that have been leaked by a source to CNET that show it will have a 7 inch screen and that the price tag will be $249. What else we don’t know is how Android will be integrated. It might just run locked on to the eReader app, or it could be a fully working Android Tablet with the Nook software installed. If the latter is the case then it might have a hard time competing with Android tablets that run the Nook software.

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