Nook Android 2.2 Update Release Date is January 2011

We have heard reports today saying that the Nook Color will be getting an Android 2.2 update sometime next month. The Android 2.2 update appears that it makes the device more tablet than eReader.

The Android 2.2 update for Nook will bring a retooled Android Market as well as a more traditional Android home screen. Pinch to zoom is also being added to the browser.

Although the Android Market will be present, it will be slightly modified and will not include all apps.

Other features it adds to the Nook Color are better performance and better battery life. By updating to Android 2.2 on the Nook Color, you’ll actually be getting a decent “almost tablet” device for quite a bit cheaper than other tablets on the market.

Via: Smartphonemag

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