Nokia X6 Review

The Nokia X6 is a music phone that aims to join the touchscreen device area of phones that Apple, HTC and only a few others have managed to make happen well.

The phone it’s self looks to be a slider phone from when you first take it out of the box, but it’s actually not and just a touchscreen device with no stylus or physical keyboard. Reasons for believing it’s a slider is due to it being quite thick (13.8mm) which is a fair bit for a phone without a keyboard. Looks wise it looks quite sleek still even though a little fatter than most phones.

On the front of the device is a touchscreen that measures 3.2 inches. It is capacitive and has a resolution of 640 x 360 pixels which Nokia call nHD although of course, it’s no where near a HD screen in terms of pixels on the screen although it does look very clear when using the screen. Above that is a front facing camera that allows you to make video calls. Below the screen are three buttons which are send call, end call and menu.

On the left side of the Nokia X6 is an opening for the SIM card that can be inserted from the outside, but only removed when taking the battery off and sliding a latch across to push it out of the slot.

On the right side of the phone you’ll find a dedicated camera button, lock slider switch and volume up and down.

The top side of the device is home to a power button, USB port, headphone jack and a port to attach a Nokia charger to it.

The bottom side of the Nokia X6 just has the microphone along with a small hook to attach a wrist strap to if desired.

The back of the X6 is a smooth panel and towards the top end of the phone a 5 megapixel camera can be found along with a flash.

Loading up the phone we see it runs Symbian S60 5th Edition. Things look great when it loads up and access to speed dial contacts can be found towards the top along with emails in the middle of the screen and four application quick loads just below that. There is no stylus with this phone and hence, all input is by finger. Although the icons are spaced out nicely I did find it hard to work with input on this device as the menus seem a little laggy on occasion and often require a couple of taps to actually function. Double taps on some menus is by design although sometimes a double tap is needed when only a single tap should be made due to the lagginess of the UI on some occasions.

Software wise, Ovi Maps worked very well and navigation is integrated making it a very tempting offer in terms of value here. For business users I found that Exchange server was very quick to connect and download emails, contacts and other information for the calendar although the email application it’s self was a little awkward to use although this could be resolved if using for a few days or weeks. When compared to Exchange on the iPhone, it’s no where near in terms of ease of use. When compared to Android the X6 is a lot faster at grabbing emails although the interface isn’t quite as good as Android based devices (depending on which Exchange software is used).

Comes with Music works well on the phone allowing you a free year of subscription to music to grab anything you want to download.

The Nokia X6 is a hard phone to place for a review. On paper looking at the specs it’s fantastic and has plenty of storage capacity (either 16GB or 32GB), it has free satellite navigation built in, it has “Comes with Music” allowing you to download music for a year free of charge, it has access to the Nokia Ovi Store and has a very nice screen (although a little cramped to work on some times). It should be the perfect phone until you are hit with the performance issues where tapping and double tapping is required on different menus along with not knowing if your tap was even recognised in the first place.

If you want a phone that gives free navigation on a decent quality screen along with some music to download so you can use it as an MP3 player, then go for it. Just note that the UI can be a little quirky although it’s not terrible… just not quite at the higher standards that other operating systems offer.


  1. Bad Phone
    Poor SERVICE…

    What kind of a music phone is this with bad speakers….
    I bought this phone(8 GB) for my wife 2 weeks back, After going home I discovered that the phone speakers have issues and the speaker makes noise at the top 3 volume level. I submitted the phone back to the dealer the next day, But I haven’t received it back till date, I have to buy another phone for her as earlier phone had stopped working.
    They are not ready to exchange/money back as they are saying the model have some issue.
    If they accept the model have the issue why are they still selling it in the market, this is pathetic service experience from Nokia.
    I would suggest not to buy this phone.

  2. The X6 is AMAZING. The speakers, touchscreen and apps are wonderful. Its like my iphone, but its a nokia! the touchsceen has improved from the 5800, i love the nokia x6.
    I would reccommend it.

  3. You can’t expect too much for the small amount you are paying guys. If you are still looking out for better quality spend more on it,

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