Nokia to Use Windows Phone 7 – Rumour

You need to have a pinch of salt type mind set when you read this rumour. We hear today that Nokia is looking in to using Windows Phone 7 on some of its smartphones in the near future. The information supposedly comes from Stephen Elop, the new CEO of Nokia, who wants the company to investigate alternative operating systems to use on handsets.

A while back, a similar rumour spread about the possibility of Nokia using Google Android. This was denied and hasn’t happened yet. We are inclined to think that this rumour is just the same and that Nokia will continue to work the same way as they have been for a long time.

What are your thoughts? Should Nokia focus on hardware and launch smartphones with Windows Phone 7 or Android installed? To me it makes sense as for a long time, since the N73, I haven’t looked back at Nokia.

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  1. angry angry man says

    this is the worst news i have ever heard in my entire life! I think we all saw this coming anyway. Nokia should never have hired that DAMN Canadian! He’s been CEO for 3 days and this is what he does! I know these are rumours but in the tech world rumours turn into hardware. I have now completely lost the little faith I had in Nokia. Not even going to bother with the “MeeGo N9 phone”. Going to order an Iphone 4 tomorrow.

  2. Makes some sense. MS needs a hand on its O/S and Nokia need a hand on their phones. Both in a spot of bother with Google powering on as they are.

    …No way Phone 7 will be mature when it launches. I am sure MS will do a good job in time but Apple and Google streets ahead now not becaus ethey are cleverer – just more man years of practical and marketing experience in the O/S MS have to start again, The Winmo experienec will not help them. It’s too old. Sadly I see MS having to just keep throwing money till they get traction. But they will. One of the world’s most determined companies IMO no matter what their failings are elsewhere.

  3. This make perfect sense for Nokia. Nokia is good in hardware and early indications show that WP7 will rule. The only way Nokia can survive is to adopt WP7 or Android . It would be good to stay with WP7 right now, because of several reasons
    1) Android cannot be a choice anyway because at the low end market Nokia needs to compete with Android phones in the market.
    2) So far indications, WP7 will be nothing short of a blockbuster. Microsoft with its strengths of cash and infrastructure within two three years they can easily ensure that WP7 survives.
    3) Android market is getting too fragmented and compared to the 15$ license fees MS charges, development over Android is much costlier.
    4) Nokia gets an out – of- the- box platform which is guaranteed success, at the same time they have enough scope for differentiation. XBOX-Zune-Office integration itself is a pure sell.
    5) It’s hard to believe Nokia can turn around Meego or Symbian which can compete with Android or iPhone. Even if they do , by the time they do it, market have moved ahead.

    So nothing insane about this. Then there are Droid fans , MS fans, Apple fans, Symbian fans Meego fans either trying to save jobs or trying to save investments. But day by day its becoming clearer that Android and WP7 will be the remaining platforms in the race. Of which I see possibly WP7 will emerge as the leading platform in 4 years timeframe. In two years’ time Android may put up a show , but compared to the infrastructure MS can put up and money they can throw at this, it’s difficult to assume Android emerging as the main platform. MS has the inherent capability to chase and beat, its proven time and again. One can argue it happened only in PC, but it seems that’s happening everywhere now take XBOX take Silverlight . There are failed project with MS but they had either stopped at very early stage, and if they continue they are formidable force. I believe MS will never discontinue WP7 as its going to be their bread and butter for the next several years. There is an early advantage for Microsoft if Nokia adopts WP7, but for Nokia it’s going to be last chance in the smartphone segment !

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