Nokia Video Hints at a New Phone with Better Camera Launching

It appears that Nokia is about to step up a little again and introduce a new camera on a smartphone. The flagship camera phone at the moment is the 12 megapixel Nokia N8 although this is getting quite old now. A video posted shows several images each with a tag like of “Get Ready to Capture a Pure View”.

We don’t know at the moment if this will mean cramming even more megalixels in to a smartphone, or if Nokia will come up with better optics or some sort of better quality sensor. Either way, expect an announcement this coming Monday at MWC 2012 in Barcelona.

What is rumoured at the moment are two devices. One will be a Symbian version of a flagship model and the other a flagship Windows Phone model. It could be that both models get a higher camera. Either way, we wont know for use until Monday.


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