Nokia To Hand out Lumia Windows Phone Devices to Select Devs

Nokia has confirmed that it will hand out a free Windows Phone to certain developers. Those who qualify are the ones who are either Nokia Launchpad members, Nokia Developer Champions or who received a Nokia E7 back in February.

“If you received a Nokia E7 back in February when we announced our new smartphone strategy, you’ll automatically receive a Windows Phone device. If you are currently a Nokia Developer Champion or a Nokia Launchpad member, you are already eligible, and you will soon receive an e-mail to explain how to get your new Nokia Windows Phone.”

About 25,000 Windows Phone smartphones will be handed out with the device being either the Lumia 800 or Lumia 710. As well as getting the phone, developers will also get a rebate on the Microsoft App Hub Membership fee.

The cost of the App Hub membership fee is $99 per year although Nokia will be letting developers know they can get it for free. If an app is good, it also could be selected to be preloaded on to Nokia Windows Phone devices.


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