Nokia Symbian^3 Delayed

Nokia [NOK] have announced financial details of their company that also shows details of how many handsets they have shifted.

The numbers show a drop in cellphone and smartphone sales although this is also an increase when compared to this time last year vs last quarter.

In total the company shifted 107.8 million handsets with 21.5 million of these being smartphones. These were sold in a three month period.

On the downside of things, Nokia also mentioned a delay to Symbian^3 and we wont be seeing any Symbian^3 handsets now till the 3rd quarter. An official announcement will be made in the next 2 months confirming exactly the launch of Symbian^3 will happen.

‘Nokia is planning to deliver a family of smartphones based on the Symbian^3 software platform that is targeted to offer a clearly improved user experience, a high standard of quality, and competitive value to consumers. We plan to launch the first smartphone based on Symbian^3 during the second quarter 2010, with shipments expected during the third quarter 2010.

Symbian^4 is also in the works although delays on ^3 will also impact the release date of ^4.

Reports about the Ovi Store also were presented with figures showing 1.7 million downloads per day. This would of course include Ovi Maps Navigation and the huge launch that it had although 1.7m is not too shabby.

Via: SlashGear

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