Nokia Ovi Maps heads to Alpine Car System

Alpine have announced plans to partner with Nokia to integrate Ovi Maps in to their in-car head units. The new “connected technology” is being called Terminal Mode and will bring navigation that uses NAVTEQ maps in to cars.

As well as bringing free satellite navigation in to vehicles the new systems also make use of widget-based services that also bring entertainment such as movies and MP3 audio to cars. Other features include weather reports as well as being able to use the phone within as an actual phone to make and receive calls.

The possibilities don’t end there either as the device will have a GPS for tracking purposes along with data connectivity the system will be able to keep track of fuel stations near by allowing you to quickly find the cheapest place to fill up. Also by interfacing the car with the computer the fuel levels and engine status can also be tracked allowing you to have all details of your car in the one location. Other features could see you receiving vouchers for discounts on local stores as you pass by them.

“The infotainment system of a modern car is a natural extension for the capabilities of smartphones. Not only will it simplify the use of turn-by-turn voice guidance from Ovi Maps, but also provide a new and easy way of accessing other content on the smartphone, such as music, and delivering automotive specific widgets from the Ovi Store,” said Vishal Chatrath, Head of Product Development for Nokia Automotive.

Although the in-car system will have all the software needed to run, it also will require a phone be paired over Bluetooth or connected via a USB cable (allowing the phone to charge at the same time as using data).

Development of the system is in final stages although no pricing or release dates have been revealed.

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