Nokia N95 Nokmote

N95 Accelerometer
The Nokia N95 has a built in accelerometer. To make use of this, a company in France has created some software called Nokmote which allows you to control the N95 by tilting it left, right, up or down. To skip through menu’s you just flick it to the left or right and then push the phone quickly away from you to select the item. The software is not just for menu’s though. It also allows you to play games, browse through photo albums and control the media player. With the video being in French I have no clue what was actually said, but do check out the game when attached to the screen as the N95 can be used like a Wii Controller which is cool.

What I would like to see (if it’s not already there) is certain shakes and twists quick launching applications. Such as a tilt right to create a new SMS and a twist right to open up your address book etc…

The software will be available in December at Bysamir.


  1. i need nokmate for my nokia n95

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