Nokia N900 Hacked to Run Google Android 2.2 FroYo

The Nokia N900 uses a Linux-based system called Maemo. If you like the N900 but not the standard OS then you can now switch to Android 2.2 thanks to a few hackers.

The team working on the N900 managed to successfully load up Android 2.2 on to the Nokia N900 allowing users to make use of the Google [GOOG] OS.

The version running on the N900 does have a few limitations. One of those is that the slide down status bar doesn’t contain any icons. Normally when dragging the status bar down you’ll see a list of details such as messages received, USB mounted and missed calls, but nothing is found in there although you can still drag the menu down.

You can grab the instructions as well as files over here to perform the update to your N900 although we recommend waiting a little before it becomes a little more finished and stable.

Via: Geeky Gadgets


  1. Gadget Guru says

    That’s awesome. I think it’s amazing how the Android OS has developed into one of the top mobile device OSs in such a short time. It seems only yesterday when it was all iphone this and iphone that, now it’s all Android and HTC. 🙂

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