Nokia N9 Spotted – Detailed Photos

Some leaked pictures of the Nokia N9 have surfaced. Normally when leaked photos are seen, they are blurry and often of just part of the device. In this case, they are very clear and show quite a bit of detail about the Nokia N9.

The Nokia N9 has received a new chassis that looks quite sleek. The chassis of the N9 is full metal mixed with a few plastic parts. The QWERTY keyboard looks to be done well and appears to be of a chiclet design.

With the smartphone being called the N9 it is believed that it’s a step up from the Nokia N8 in terms of the available features it will have.

It is expected that the Nokia N9 will launch before the end of this year, although if it follows along the launch time scale of the N8, we could expect it around February or March 2011.

More details and pictures can be found over at Eldar Murtazin’s site.

Via: TechRadar


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  2. this seems to be a nice phone but lacks the looks that should set it apart from the rest

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