Nokia N87 AMOLED Camera Phone Details Leaked – Rumour

Yesterday we mentioned a new Nokia N series phone that was rumoured to be launching or at least unveiled at MWC this month. The phone was spotted as the Nokia N8 although perhaps the N8 was referring to this Nokia N87 smartphone as the specs look very similar.

The Nokia N87 is said to have a 12 megapixel camera built in that is capable of capturing images at 720p. It uses Carl Zeiss optics and has a Xenon flash along with night viewing. The processor powering the Nokia N87 is believed to be a 600MHz ARM Cortex 8 processor.

Wireless is built in to the phone which is expected to be 802.11b/g and perhaps n also. An A-GPS chip is also built in allowing for location based services as well as navigation to be used on the device. An FM radio transmitter is to be found in the phone also. For storage it is expected to have either 16GB or 32GB onboard.

It is expected that graphics will support OpenGL allowing for some excellent 3D to function on the phone. The screen it’s self measures 3.7 inches and is an AMOLED capacative touchscreen that covers most of the face of the device.

Although we only have drawings of what the phone should look like, it does look like an excellent device.

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