Nokia N8 Video Walkthrough Demonstrates Music and HDMI Output

This week we posted a segment spotted on Youtube about the Nokia N8 and it’s photograph and video editing features. The photography features of the N8 look great. The next segment in the lineup now goes over the Music Player as well as the HDMI output.

The capabilities of the phone in terms of music and the HDMI output are demonstrated by Chris Bennetts who is the senior project manager at Nokia [NOK].

The Music Player looks quite responsive on the video with the scrolling of song titles working as you’d expect. A cover-flow style system is used where you can flick through the album art stored on your device. This feature works in both portrait and landscape modes where the portrait mode shows more information on screen.

Nokia has included a HDMI output on the device. The N8 has a small converter cable that allows a regular HDMI cable to be plugged in to it. Anything you see on your device can be seen on a HDTV screen. As well as being able to control what you see on TV with the N8 it’s self, you can also connect up to the N8 with a Bluetooth keyboard and control the phone remotely that way allowing you to sit the N8 next to the TV and control it from an arm chair.

Check out the video below to see the demonstration.

Via: Nokia Conversations

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