Nokia N8 on T-Mobile UK is Coming Soon

Nokia is launching the N8 soon. Vodafone already has a coming soon page up for the N8 from about 2 months ago and yet, it still hasn’t arrived on their network.

T-Mobile has now also put up a coming soon page for the N8 and just as the Vodafone page, it mentions no specific release date.

Previously we heard that the release date of the Nokia N8 was August 25 which is about a month away still. Nokia need to get this phone out sooner rather than later though as it seems it was leaked far too early which isn’t always a good thing for a new smartphone.

When we say that Nokia should release it sooner, we of course mean not so much sooner that it gets pushed out not 100% ready, but like we saw with the Garmin-ASUS smartphones last year, the months of waiting just made people jump to other phones.

Via: SlashGear

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