Nokia N8 Now Shipping

The Nokia Conversations blog has announced that the first batch of Nokia N8 Symbian^3 smartphones have now let the production lines and factory over in China. What this means is that the official launch is just around the corner.

No specific dates of delivery have been given other than a hint of the devices arriving with customers over the coming weeks. The N8 is launching globally which means that production of the device will be ramping up over the coming weeks to make sure there is plenty of stock available in all countries that the device will land in.

For some users who were the first to pre-order, you could actually get your device before the weekend which basically means you’ll get it either today or tomorrow.

The Nokia N8s main feature looks to be the new operating system. This is Symbian^3 and is set to be more friendly than any other Symbian OS. Another feature is the camera on the the back that has a mechanical shutter and is capable of capturing images at 12 megapixels.

The picture below is from the Nokia Conversations blog and shows actual shipments of the N8 leaving the factory. Other images over on the blog show bits of the production line and exactly whats going on now to prepare for the launch.

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