Nokia N8 Release Date – September 30

The Nokia N8 is expected to launch on September 30 after a many month wait. We also hear from NokNok that those who are pre-ordering the N8 will actually get it a week early on September 23.

The information comes from a Google Adwords ad that Nokia ran saying it would ship September 23 1 week before anyone (else).

Feature of the Nokia N8 include a HDMI connector allowing the device to hook up to a TV. A 12 megapixel camera for HD video, 16GB of internal memory as well as Ovi Maps preinstalled.

The only downside to the Nokia N8 is the amount of time it is taking to launch. With the phone being spotted in the first quarter of this year, we’ve kind of grown bored of waiting for it. Lets hope it ends up being as good as it originally looked.

Via: NokNok and GadgetLite

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