Nokia N8 vs iPhone 4 Camera Comparison

With the launch of the Nokia N8 yesterday, one of the big questions about the new smartphone is how it compares to the iPhone 4 in terms of picture quality.

The Nokia N8 has a 12 megapixel sensor with Carl Zeiss optics while the iPhone 4 has a 5 megapixel sensor.

Engadget decided to run a side by side video and picture test to see which performs the best. Naturally you’d think a 12 megapixel camera would be the winner, but surprisingly the results are quite similar.

Of course, its all down to personal preference when choosing which pictures are best and people will argue all day at which is best at color saturation and which is blurry and which provides the best overall image quality.

The full results, including a couple of videos captured side by side, can be viewed over at Engadget.


  1. It shows in how many ways people can be cheated.Even a simple thing as 5mp to 12mp camera comparison is distorted by endgadget. Anyone in their right minds will know a 5mp cant hold a torch to a 12mp.

    • pogodrummer says

      soo you’re telling me that a nokia n8 with its gorgeous 12 mp and fancy carl zeiss optics is totally better than a “poor” nikon d2hs with its 4.1 megapixels equipped with a nikkor 35mm f/1.4? Or to a sigma sd9 with a very low 3.54 MP? sure dude, sure…

      • i think it’s more realistic to see his statement as a comparison between those two phones… its more than just megapixels and thats what most ppl know… in actual fact, specs wise, N8 is better than iphone4… so yea sure the camera u stated is better than N8… so yea tune it down will you… chill

  2. The Engadget comparison was a joke. I’m an Android fan, so I have no skin in the game for Nokia or Apple, but the N8 clearly has a better camera. It’s sad the lengths Engadget will go to for an Apple win in their comparisons. I just hope consumers don’t buy into it (the iPhone 4 is an awesome phone, and maybe better for a lot of users than the N8; but camera quality between the two is simply no contest).

  3. Nokia is still the smartphone king, I think a nokia is cheaper than a iphone, and which is very practical.
    I get used to use a Nokia phone, I think just the people who chase after fashion may buy a expensive iphone in our country. meantime, I think the High-resolution Nokia display is right for me to watch movies , I like watching movies with my nokia with the help of Aneesoft Nokia video converter

  4. basha edmark says

    i think it’s more realistic to see this statement as a comparison between those two phones… its more than just the megapixels. I think Nokia N8 is the best and premier compared to iphone 4

  5. Jarmo Palomaa says

    What kind of test is this? Why are iPhone photos “yellow”? Is it because of some odd picture-processing or what? I could not concentrate on sharpness, contast or other things when I looked at the pictures. The oversaturation was too annoying.
    If the pictures are not fake, then N8 won over iP4 – because iP4 photos were not real while Nokia´s was.

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