Nokia N8 HD Video Demonstration

The Nokia N8 has a 12 megapixel camera sensor allowing it to capture HD video at 720p. The video below shows a video captured on the device. Nokia point out that the video captured wasn’t modified in anyway and also mention the software used is an early build which indicates the quality could be slightly improved by enhancing the video processing.

This is the first HD video sample captured on the upcoming Nokia N8, shot in 720p. This amazing footage of a dancer on a rooftop has not been enhanced or tweaked in any way. It was taken on a device that is not yet running final software.

Check out the video below…

Via: Nokia Conversations


  1. Harsh Agrawal says

    Features of this phone is very fascinating. 12 MP camera and specially after seeing the video quality and images, it seems great.
    Best thing about is it’s price which is so right. Though I won’t say it will be iPhone breaker but yes it will drive mass of gadgets freak.

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