Nokia N8 Drop Test

Nokia has created a video showing the world how mobile phones are tested in terms of how much abuse they can take. This particular test, embedded below, shows two Nokia N8 smartphones being dropped repeatedly in a revolving chamber for about 120 seconds at a time.

The chamber it sits in simulates the height from your shirt pocket to the floor so that an accurate test can be performed.

Other tests, not shown, include extreme temperature tests where the phones are put in conditions down to -40C and up to 85C+ as well as testing with humidity up to 95% for up to several weeks at a time.

Another test is with clothing where phones are tested as though they sit in your back pocket and all the stresses the phone goes under when you sit down.

As for button presses, keys are tested 1 million times as Nokia estimate that around 200 – 300 keypresses are done each day on the main keys.

Checkout the video below which comes from Nokia Conversations.

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