Nokia N8 Coming to Vodafone UK

Vodafone has put up an information page about the Nokia N8 with details of the new smartphone. Right now the page only lets you register your interest in the device which is scheduled for launch in August.

The Nokia N8 is a flagship smartphone from Nokia [NOK] that has a 12 megapixel sensor on the back allowing for high resolution images to be captured. For storage it has 16GB of internal memory that allows for music, video and pictures to be stored. Social networking plays a big part of the phone and allows you to keep in touch with others on sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

For connectivity the device has Wi-Fi and 3G as well as Bluetooth. Unfortunately we do not know prices just yet although we could potentially see the phone a little earlier than August with Vodafone putting up a “show an interest” type page so early. Having to wait 3 months seems a little on the long side which is also why we think it could come a little earlier.

As soon as pricing and official launch dates arrive we’ll let you know.

Register your interest now at Vodafone.

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