Nokia N8 & C7 Green Eco-Friendly Versions Announced

Nokia has announced that a couple of new versions of smartphones are being launched that aim to be more Green and eco-friendly. The new versions are the Nokia N8 and the Nokia C7.

Each is being made in partnership with O2 in the UK and Telefonica in Spain and uses green enhancements such as bio-plastic construction as well as bio-plant construction. Each screen will be switched to AMOLED to be more efficient in terms of power savings.

It doesn’t stop their either as each device will come in more efficient packaging that is more friendly to the environment. The charger is also being made more efficient.

As for the look and usage of the phone, physical wise it should remain exactly the same although we suspect the AMOLED screen will make image quality a little better than the current LCD versions of the phones.

Pricing and release dates have not been revealed just yet, but we’ll get them to you if we hear anything soon.

Via: Nokia


  1. rasheed olajide basanya says

    i love that your phone call n n8 because is very easy to operate. thanks keep it all….

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