Nokia N8 32GB Could be Launched, QWERTY Keyoard?

The Nokia N8 has received a bit of coverage here on gadgetvenue over the last few weeks. We are now hearing that there could be a 32GB version of the N8 launching. Originally just a 16GB model was announced although there is no official information on the larger storage model.

The 32GB information comes from a review unit that SaudiMac managed to test that showed 32GB printed on the box. This shot has now been taken down though.

Next up is the USB port that is capable of connecting to a card reader or portable hard drive which is a handy inclusion. When a drive or memory card is attached via the USB cable, the file manager app automatically opens up.

Some speculation over a QWERTY keyboard is also being discussed with some saying perhaps an N9 could be launched where the phone actually comes with a physical keyboard.

We also hear that the non user replaceable battery is actually not too hard to replace and requires just 2 screws be removed and a panel and it can be easily switched out. Although it’s not quite as easy as sliding open a back cover, it still appears that should you want a replacement batter then it wont be a problem.

Via: SlashGear

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