Nokia Mobile Radar Concept

Nokia have built a concept idea that is called the Mobile Radar. Mobile Radar is capable of measuring an objects distance and speed as well as direction all on a mobile phone. The screen shows all the details such as if they are travelling towards or away from you and how fast they are moving.

The video shows a couple of different ways the Mobile Radar can be used such as changing the volume of the loud speaker by moving your hand towards the phone. The radar functions also work through fabric allowing a phone to be held in a pocket or bag and still use gestures to turn it down.

The final demonstration shows someone walking towards the phone with the Mobile Radar software showing what KM/H the person being tracked is walking and if he is moving towards or away from the phone.

Possibilities for software and hardware like this could include security for the home, maybe some sort of gaming as well as controlling the phone by moving your hands in front of it.

The Mobile Radar concept might or might not show up in mobile phones and will be subject to if it’s worth putting the technology in a phone. Details can be found below in the video.

Via: Nokia

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