Nokia Maps Available for Windows Phone Devices Unofficially

When Nokia announced Nokia Maps for the Windows Phone platform, it was only going to be made available for the Lumia 800 and the Lumia 710. This is still officially the case although XDA Developers has managed to get hold of the XAP installation file and has made it available to install on any Windows Phone device that is unlocked.

To unlock your Windows Phone device you either need to be in the Microsoft Developers program or have it unlocked with ChevronWP7. When done, you’ll be able to side-load the application on to any Windows Phone device.

Although Nokia Maps here is the unofficial version, Nokia will soon be making the official version available in the Marketplace.

As well as uploading the XAP file, users on the XDA Developers website also managed to get Nokia Drive to be hacked on to other devices although this is more unofficial as it is believed that Nokia will be keeping Nokia Drive (the navigation software) to a select set of Nokia WP devices.

The XDA Developers thread can be found over here.

A video of Nokia Drive and Nokia Maps can be seen below. It looks superb if I do say.

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