Nokia launch 5 new Mobile Phones in Indonesia

Nokia-2690Nokia have announced five new mobile phones that are heading to Indonesia. The phones named the Nokia 1280, Nokia 1616, Nokia 1800, Nokia 2220 slide and Nokia 2690 are all affordable phones and easy to use which support the Nokia Life Tools. As well as being targeted at Indonesia, Nokia also mention that the phones will be available worldwide.

“Following the successful launch of Nokia Life Tools in India, where people are getting the benefits of vital information sent directly to their mobile phones, we are pleased to bring this service to consumers in Indonesia,” said Dieter May, Vice President, Emerging Markets, Nokia. “Inform, Involve, Empower – the vision of Nokia Life Tools – applies no matter where it’s implemented. With the number of devices that Nokia Life Tools supports, including the five new phones we are announcing today, we are giving people the solution that suits them the most.”

The lower spec phones, Nokia 1280, Nokia 1616 and Nokia 1800 each will cost ‚¬20, ‚¬24 and ‚¬26 respectively (before tax and subsidies) and will each feature an FM radio, prepaid tracker, flash-light, anti-scratch covers and dust-resistant keypads. Each have about a 22 day standby time allowing those in areas where electricity isn’t as accessible can be sure their phone will be charged when they need it.

The Nokia 2220 slide and the Nokia 2690 are the higher priced phones that cost ‚¬45 and ‚¬54 respectively (again, before tax and subs) and allow email to be used through Nokia’s Ovi mail software. With these phones using the email software, it allows the users to create new email accounts on their phones and send/receive emails without the need of a PC helping people to keep in touch more easily. Other specs reveal that the phones have FM radios like the cheaper models with the addition of a VGA camera, GPRS and MMS support. Up to 1000 contacts can be stored in memory and these two phones also have Bluetooth. Standby time on the more expensive phones come in at 20 days and 13 days respectively.

The phones will start to ship in December with the remaining phones shipping early next year.

Nokia 1280 Nokia 1616 Nokia 1800 Nokia 2220 Nokia 2690

More details are available over at Nokia.

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