Nokia Kinetic Concept

We see quite a few cellphone concepts on our travels around the internet. Some are worthy of a mention such as the Nokia Kinetic concept that was designed by Jeremy Innes-Hopkins.

The phone it’s self is unique in that it has a rounded base that houses an electromagnet that can make the phone stand up when an alarm goes off or a call is received. To cancel the alarm you can just tap it back down.

When the phone is automatically standing up, it can also be used to make hands free video calls if needed.

The base also doubles up as a more comfortable camera grip when holding the phone in landscape mode to capture video or images.

Most concepts never reach production stage for whatever reasons. However, Nokia was involved in the college course and even had someone who previously worked at Nokia help with the course indicating that Nokia could be asking for these designs to use in phones in the future. Of course there is still no guarantee that we will ever see this phone go on sale. Either way, it’s actually quite a nice looking phone.

Via: T3

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